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Jafar Curry was born to Caribbean-American parents in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The family later relocated to Atlanta, Georgia. Jafar began learning, singing, writing and performing music in middle school with a group of friends. Influenced early by the music of Stevie Wonder, Babyface, Chick Correa and Muddy Waters to name just a few Jafar is the musical embodiment of the fusion and evolution of these sounds. His music incorporates significant Blues and Jazz piano themes while riding Funk and Rock guitars over a solid Soul, Neo-Soul and Hip-Hop rhythmic structure. Jafar Curry has released music in many genres including 2020's Rock album High Times as well as 3 songs in Traditional Blues as of 2021. The songwriter and composer typically stages his shows with live horn sections multiple keyboards and a full rhythm section including percussion, drums and electric bass. He’s been featured in CLOUT, DCWS, FLEX, The Weekly Planet and is also a well known entertainer with his electrifying 13 piece band, fusion group ‘Purple Alert’ and solo piano/vocal show series which he performs internationally.

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