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Release Day

Today is a special day. Today is the day I've released my fourth and final single from the new album. It's a lovely well put together funky soulful song titled "Loving My Girl". I'm proud of the work but I'm having trouble being celebratory. I'm having a bad day. I've been poked, prodded and properly unfocused for the whole day. My heart surgery is pending for this Sunday and things somehow feel unfinished. Despite the relentless effort to launch my new project and the respectable marketing and publicity campaign I just can't seem to cut through the noise. What is the noise? The noise is that unidentifiable thing that just will not let me focus! So, after a few weeks off and a complete inability to quiet this noise I'm back to blogging. It seems to be the only thing that centers me sometimes. I enjoy writing and expressing myself quietly with this outlet as opposed to more communication and external stimulants.

Upon writing that last sentence I'm immediately feeling much better, brighter and hopeful. What an awful cup of coffee! I had a cup of my usual Americana (black) coffee at a new place in the hospital food court. It was terrible and was over two bucks. I digress. The prognosis for me physically looks good. My Will is updated just in case and my kids are aware of what's going on with me in great detail. I'll live, I'll survive and I'll make more music. The new album drops December 11th but the single that came out today is just a little taste of the album. It is not what everyone is expecting. As I've matured musically and physically I've had some new experiences and learned a lot on stages all over the world. Since the last time I've written new music that I've actually released I've had a divorce, a marriage an arrest and 2 children. I've dealt with managing, owning, selling, foreclosing and a plethora of different relationship experiences. My sound is in tact but it is remarkably changed.

I am genuinely happy about the change and the shift from the romantic pop oriented youngster I was to the hardened funky, soulful, jazz and blues oriented rocker of a middle aged man I've become. Change is good and so is clarity. The amount of focus I've had to put in to move the ball on things has been tremendous and yes I'm patting myself on the back. I want to thank the musicians from all over the world that made this moment and ultimately December 11th possible. You'll notice some cool changes to the website in the coming week. Keep your eyes and ears open as I'm going to be seeing several features for the new music. It's an exciting time to be in music and specifically to be making the kind of music I'm making. What a time to be alive! Alive! Alive! This is what my focus will be for the next 48 hours. I hope you enjoy my new release "Loving My Girl" and don't forget to presave my album "The Tuxedo Bartender" which drops in 2 weeks. Peace, love and leftovers to every one of you. ;)

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