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Blog #5

Blogs have this unusual way of feeling anonymous. It's like bloggers can slip into this world of anonymity to express their views of the world and all the things in it. I think we feel this way because no one really cares what you think these days unless they have a vested interest in your failure or success. Harsh right? Unfortunately the truth is harsh. I think that while the majority of what I've written in my limited blogging career is mundane but also cool because I am probably more personal here than I am in any other format aside from my music. I'll admit that this new found hobby is probably temporary albeit satisfying when I want to express views that I otherwise wouldn't or couldn't through my other more popular platforms.

Now we have arrived at the true start of blog number five. I'm a few days out of ICU and I feel great. I climbed about 8 flights of stairs this afternoon to test out my heart and strengthen the severely weakened muscle. It's the best I've felt since this nightmare started. The will to carry on, to live and to do it well is what is fueling me. I certainly refuse to die because I didn't make every effort to get better. I'm planning a swim later. Little by little I'll be back. My new album "The Tuxedo Bartender" (I know the title is mad cool) drops in a few days. The album is funky, sad, sweet, contemplative, smooth and above all relatable and engaging. To the disaster movie that has been everyone's experience these last 21 months I feel like we made it work. I did what I could until I couldn't do more. Deadlines got pushed back, mixes were halted, elements of the team went broke and came back weaker but we survived. R.I.P. to everyone that didn't survive and to all of those of you who lost loved ones - I am truly sorry for your loss.

To those of you who have survived I imagine procrastination is a thing of the past. I imagine you have a new found love for longevity and determination in your work. You never know when the party is over or delayed like it has been for everyone the last couple years. The only people who made record profits during the pandemic were billionaires. News flash! The employees of these billionaires didn't, and while the system that allows this to be possible can be debated the fact is by in large even your millionaire friend have had some issues. It is what it is. Now, we carry on and get back on track and hope Omicron or the calamity of it all doesn't derail us again. I can work with disadvantages but it's a lot easier not to.

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